The purpose of the show is to capture the online audience by providing live recording of music performance, spoken words poetry, pageant shows, theatrical performance etc.

The platform can also be used for interview and forum discussions on topics that are relevant to the audience and the community.

The idea is to take advantage of a ready to use virtual stage to promote a body of excellent work, record the experience while creating an intimate experience by providing a live feed to the production process.

The current COVID-19 confinement has caused the cancellation of any activities that involve large gatherings of spectators. Many events have been cancelled and many artists working in the industry have lost the opportunity to showcase their work.

However the internet allows for a limitless audience ready to  tune in a program from the comfort of their home. People yearn for creative entertainment, therefore the presentation format will have to be interesting enough in order to grab and keep the audience‚Äôs attention.We see an opportunity to bring forth talents by providing a platform that would allow them to express themself in a unique way.